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Don't let manufacturers pressure you into equipment upgrades by discontinuing support of your existing equipment lines. Lagging Edge Technologies specializes in keeping so-called obsolete equipment in good working order.

All in a Name...
Don't let our name fool you! Just because we are named "Lagging Edge Technologies" doesn't mean we use outdated tools and techniques. We chose that name because we specialize in extending the life of useful, older technology that is no longer supported by the manufacturer - equipment that could be said to be on the "Lagging Edge". A case in point: We extended the life of a line of mailing equipment for a large regional telephone company. By keeping their old technology in good working order, our customer has been able to delay upgrading the entire mailing system for going on 6 years! Think of the savings!

Is this you?
Your present product line vendor is discontinuing support on your existing equipment, and requires you to upgrade for continued support. But in your opinion, your equipment is adequate for the foreseeable future. You don't want to be "hardballed" into an unnecessary upgrade, and feel insulted by the bullying tactics of this vendor.

This is where Lagging Edge Technologies can help. Our experience enables us to either repair "obsolete" equipment or reverse-engineer replacement components for the equipment.

After our success of the last 6 years, we've decided to offer our services nation-wide. We feel American companies are entitled to an option over costly, forced equipment upgrades. If you feel you've been backed into a corner and have no where to turn, don't hesitate to contact us and together we will explore the possibility of extending the life of your current equipment.

We "Do" Cutting Edge
Despite the name, Lagging Edge Technologies is on the cutting edge of technology. Our experience can be extremely beneficial to your company's needs in a variety of ways.


Computer Aided Drafting - We offer schematic capture, PCB layout and simple mechanical drawing services. Give us a rough sketch and we will deliver a professional drawing.
PCB Prototyping and Assembly

Prototyping - We can prototype printed circuit board assemblies. We'll make sure your concept works before you go into production.
Cable Design and Assembly

Cable Design and Assembly - We can design and construct cable assemblies for you. We'll do the custom cables that you're having a hard time reproducing.
PCB Repair and Reverse Engineering

PCB Repair and Reverse-Engineering - We can keep your equipment operational by either repairing or re-engineering it, and we can design and build test systems for you so you can fix it yourself.
Prom programming

Prom Programming - Do you need some eproms programmed? Send us the data file, and we will provide pre-programmed parts for your products.

Lagging Edge Technologies can bring your new ideas to life. We'll work with you whether it is extending the life of your existing equipment, developing a new product line, enhancing your present product, or designing a test system for you.

Who We Are
Located in Tucson, Arizona, Lagging Edge Technologies was formed when we received a request from a regional telephone company to maintain their obsolete mailing equipment. We have been able to add an additional 6 years (thus far) to the life of the company's equipment and save them considerable upgrade costs. We welcome both small and large jobs, and can complete jobs in just days.

Lagging Edge Technologies can be contacted by email, telephone or postal mail. Our email address is: Just click on the link to send us email or, if you prefer, call us.

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