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Have more than one computer? Tired of transferring files by floppy disk? What about those files that are too big to fit on a floppy? Got the newsletter ready to print and realized the good printer is connected to the other computer? Then your business needs a network.

No, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on network hardware and servers. No, you don't need to hire a network administrator. Guardian Geek can tailor a network for your business.

Guardian Geek specializes in networks for small businesses and home offices. We can configure your network so that each computer can share disk space, files, printers and other resources.

Guardian Geek doesn't just install networks. We install network solutions. We look at the total system, proposing a solution that will increase security, office productivity and save you money. Guardian Geek's network solutions include hardware, software, business procedures and strategies that are crucial for the survival of today's businesses.

Guardian Geek takes many factors under consideration when designing a network. Do all of your computers need Internet access? How should the data file system be structured? How often do you need to backup? Can backups be automated and scheduled? Do you need a wireless network? Guardian Geek answers these questions and many more to design the right network solution for your home or business. Contact Guardian Geek today.

You don't need to buy Internet accounts for each networked computer. You don't need a dedicated phone line for each computer.

Guardian Geek can configure your network to share a single Internet connection, saving you time and money, and increasing office productivity.

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