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SolarBuilt, based in Tucson Arizona, specializes in designing and building custom solar homes either on their lots in Civano or on your lot or land. Gale and Richard Marsland have been pioneering solar energy and water saving techniques in southern arizona homes for over 25 years. But environmental intelligence is not the only major feature. SolarBuilt homes also have a wonderful "feel" and a unique southwestern beauty to them.
SolarBuilt homes make the most of the desert's most abundant resource, the sun. The Marslands encourage the use of photovoltaics (PV) in their homes, making electricity from the sun.
Passive solar hot water systems that have no moving parts are standard. They act as preheaters, using the sun to heat your water before it goes to your traditional water heater. Many SolarBuilt families use the sun to provide their hot water needs. SolarBuilt designs also include passive solar techniques that assist in heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.
SolarBuilt's design conserve the desert's most precious resource, water, by using low water use fixtures, Xeriscape landscaping, rainwater harvesting techniques from swales to cisterns, looped hot water systems and the homes are prepped to accept a greywater system.
The Marslands prefer building with earthen and masonry materials, in part because Richard's father was an adobe mason in Tucson for over 45 years.
SolarBuilt homes connect your indoor and outdoor spaces together. With our mild climate, you can spend many hours enjoying the lovely, intimate, natural outdoor areas surrounding your home. This increases your usable living space and the glass connections to the outdoor "rooms" make the indoor spaces feel bigger and more beautiful.
We are committed to continue to offer homes with the latest technologies that add to the beauty and environmental intelligence of your home.
Spiral staircase to the balcony Solar water heater View of the patio
For more information, contact:
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P. O. Box 86646
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Phone (520) 743-7111
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