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Filename Filesize Description
refrigerators.doc 34 KB What to look for in energy efficient refrigerators.
marsland_home.doc 33 KB The Marsland's off-grid, energy efficient home.
energy_independent.doc 195 KB Can You be energy independent?
daylighting.doc 41 KB Using the sun for interior light during the day.
sips.doc 50 KB Wall systems - Structural Insulated Panels
sun_power.doc 37KB The ABC's of Sun Power
energy_basics.doc 34KB Energy Basics
batteries.doc 38KB The ABC's of Battery Power
difference.doc 48KB Can you make a difference?
ducts.doc 85KB introDUCTion to DuCTS
greywater.doc 133KB Greywater systems
solar_orient.doc 75KB The ABC's of solar orientation
free_heat.doc 57KB Free heat! Use the sun

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